Greatest Achievement?24-05-2014 | 11:19:45 | 6 Comments

So, now you’re all safely back home from your trip, what was your personal highpoint?  What was the most testing and hardest moment of the trip?  What was your greatest achievement?  And, of course, WHY?

6 Responses to “Greatest Achievement?”

  1. Definitely touching the gold plate at the top.

  2. Are you referring to Mount Snowdon, Emilia?

  3. My biggest achievement was probably being one of the first up mount Snowdon.

  4. I’m impressed, Emma. I would have been dragged up at the rear, I think!

  5. No idea, everything was awesome!

  6. My greatest achievement was proably when I got 100% on a maths test.I felt as if I was about to faint just bofore we received our results and after I saw what I got I thought there was a mistake.

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