Have a fantastic summer, everyone!14-07-2014 | 12:04:09 | 3 Comments

Just a note to say farewell, adieu, au revoir and all that to you all as you begin the summer holidays.  Enjoy the break and I look forward to hearing how you are all settling into your new secondary schools in September.

And well done, by the way, for giving the Midsummer Night’s Dream broadcast the welly it needed!

Mrs Walters

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  1. Hello Mrs Walters!
    I just suddenly thought I would check this out!
    Have any of the new year 6’s started to use this? If not, will they? I am doing really well at Channing, it is a great school! I am making lots of friends and am settling in well. The English teacher does something called a ‘reading lesson’ where one lesson a week, all you do is read your reading book! She also uses a great website called Free rice. It is an English website with puzzles such as what is a ewe? a) horse b) diary c) female sheep d) brutal inhumanity.
    And every time you get an answer right, you donate 10 grains of rice to hungry people. So while you expand your vocabulary, you’re also are helping a charity! Heres a link: http://freerice.com/#/english-vocabulary/1362
    Maybe you should try it out!
    I hope to come and visit you soon!
    From Emilia!

  2. Lovely to hear from you Emilia and so glad you are enjoying yourself at Channing and enjoying your English lessons! Thanks for the link to the website, too. Year 6 14/15 are working hard; you will remember all that hard work in the Autumn term, I’m sure!

    Keep in touch and keep enjoying yourself. Work hard too – but I know you will be doing that!

    Mrs Walters

  3. I tried free rice-it is really good and helps my vocabulary.Just for a joke I tried level 60 which is not nearly as fun as the others.I am really working hard-to do all of my homework in time and not move up on the moon-I am already on number 6.Not good.

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