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Year 6 are busy preparing for their entrance assessments and examinations.  However, there should always be time to share thoughts, ideas and good writing!  This is their opportunity to reach a wider audience. Keep watching this page as Year 6 girls post samples of their best writing and best ideas.

Anyone can respond to what is posted on the blog.  Remember to only post with your first name; your email address will not be visible.  Be respectful of others and always check spelling and punctuation!  I have to say that – I’m the English teacher!

Don’t worry if, once you’ve posted to the blog, it tells you it is spam.  It will still be read and, if suitable, be approved and posted.

Happy blogging!

Mrs Walters

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  1. I am so happy to have half term now-one more peice of homework and I am pretty sure I would drown in a sea of homework. I will miss all of my friends of course -I wish there were a few days where we got no homework-that is one thing I will not miss.

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